Monitor your childs smart phone – cell phone.

Mobile phone monitoringToday’s world of technology many kids have cell phones / smart phones and although it can come in handy for when the are out with friends and you want to know you can get in touch with them; it’s also a safety risk in itself.

With texting, email and messaging apps on the smart phones, it makes it easy for your child to get hurt by cyber bullying, and also to fall victim to some pedophile pretending to be a child their age.

Monitoring their smart phone is critical and a great website which showcases their features included in their software is

There are other software programs out there, but I found this one is well worth the money when it comes to the safety of your child.  It’s such a shame that you have to pay this extra monthly fee on top of the monthly service charges you already pay for them to have a smart phone, but you can’t be too safe now.

With these monitoring programs, you should expect to be able to monitor their text messages sent and received, their emails and other chat message programs.  Tracking their GPS location is awesome too, because then you will know if they truly are at the library, or at their friends house.  And God forbid, if they were kidnapped, as long as they have their phone on them, you can find them.

There are many other application out there to monitor your child’s smart phone.
You can find several alternatives on or just do a Google search for “smart phone monitoring”