Make money online referring products and services to friends.

Want to make money online referring businesses products and services?  It’s easy, doesn’t have to cost anything or take more than a few minutes of your time to refer all your friends at once.  I’ll explain on the details here with some examples.  It’s easy and it’s real, no scams, tricks or fine print.  In previous blogs I’ve written about how to make money online with writing blogs just like this using Adsense to get paid when people click on the ads on your blog.  Here’s something where you can make larger sums of money with each referal.  The amount depends on who you are referring and how much they are willing to pay you.

To set things clear from the start, I’m not necessarily making any money off getting you to refer any of the business I will mention, but instead I am one of the business I hope you will refer, and I will pay you to refer me.  But besides making it all about me, I’m going to open up the possibilities by giving you examples of others you can refer.  Referring products is pretty easy because they can ship anywhere in the world usually.  Referring services is usually local which is very limiting, unless it’s a business like mine where I can provide the majority of my services online, so anywhere in the world can be referred, although I limit my services to Canada and U.S.A. only.

We refer all the time anyway, business and personally when someone says they need something and they either ask you if you know someone or you hear them talking about something and you right away know they could use a certain product or service, so you recommend it.  Here you can do it online and with a few simple tips you can automate the process.

Here’s a list of links where you can learn more about making money online by just referring business:

1. Twinbytes preventative maintenance service.  Earn $100 for each referral.  This is paid after the person you referred has signed up for a one year contract of monthly preventative computer maintenance. Open to Canada and U.S.A.  Details at
2. Cashcrate is a fun way of making money online by referring people and completing games and surveys through this fun website.
3. besides listing a bunch of other websites here, you can find others fairly easily. Rather than searching for websites you can refer people too, find some good websites to do surveys on that work for you and then refer people to those sites.  I don’t have a lot of free time to play with these different websites, but I try the odd one here and there and it seems they can work if you put some time into it. Start getting some referrals happening and then you’ve got a residual income.

How to refer the above links?

1. Use the proper links to get credit.  Depending on the service you are referring, some have direct affiliate links you need to sign up for and you want to use that direct link, mine for example is not as automated yet, but they say you referred me by telling us your email address or website where they found the referral, then we know who to credit back.  Use the right link.  They have incentive to tell me who referred them because they get a discount for telling us who referred them.
2. Post links in your Facebook, MySpace, Tweeter
3. Add it as part of your signature in your emails
4. Write about it in your blog if you have one.  If you don’t have a blog, that’s another opportunity to make money via adsense and affiliate programs.