Mac’s get viruses too, stop being ignorant!

I’ve said many times before, Macs get viruses too and not to be ignorant in purchasing a Mac thinking you’re safe. Mac World themselves agrees that viruses for Macs are on the rise. I’ve linked to their article below.

The one reason Macs don’t get as many viruses is because there’s not as many Macs out there. Why would someone create a virus for a computer that shares maybe 10% of the population when they could get one that has 90% of the market share? But now with Macs market share on the rise, viruses are starting to come out more for the Mac. And ofcourse, a virus for the mac, won’t infect a PC.

So the tables will eventually turn, if Mac takes majority of market share, Macs will have all the viruses, and people will then be saying “I’m going to switch to a PC, they never get viruses!”. 🙂

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