Laptops can burn you!

Most people don’t read the fine print. Most guys don’t read manuals. Actually, I don’t enjoying reading much in general, but I have to in order to stay informed. Anyway, I want to warn everyone about how serious this can be when they don’t think about it. Even if you read it, you think, ah, this never happens. Well, usually, you’re right, it doesn’t really happen often at all, but if you’re careless, it can. Here’s a snippet from the important tips section in the Thinkpad setup instructions from my new Lenovo Thinkpad E520 I just bought for myself…

Protect yourself from the heat that your computer generates.
When your computer is turned on or the battery is charging, the base, the palm rest, and some other parts may become hot. The temperature they reach depends on the amount of system activity and the level of charge in the battery.

Extended contact with your body, even through clothing, could cause discomfort or even a skin burn.
-Avoid keeping your hands, your lap, or any other part of your body in contact with a hot section of the computer for any extended time.
-Periodically take breaks from using the keyboard by lifting your hands from the palm rest.

Protect yourself from the heat generated by the AC adapter
When the AC adapter is connected to an electrical outlet and your computer, it generates heat.

Extended contact with your body, even through clothing, may cause skin burn.
-Do not place the AC adapter in contact with any part of your body while it is in use.
-Never use it to warm your body.”

So that was straight from Lenovo.  I know some people like to use their laptop in bed and leave it lying on the bed sheets.  This is dangerous!  There are air vents on the bottom and sides of the laptop for hot air to escape.  You would be blocking all of these vents with the bed sheets and so the laptop will overheat.  All you need now is flammable bedsheets and you have a house fire.

I had a client who’s pet chewed their power adapter cord, they left the power adapter sitting on their footstool made of fabric.  So, one day, it actually caught fire and burnt a hole in her foot stool.  This is a little different but just to inform you that electricity can cause electrical fires.  Don’t leave your power adapter from the wall to your computer setting in the middle of blankets or a pile of laundry you have sitting next to you.

Always keep your working environment clear, clean and save.  When it comes to safety, most people don’t think about most of the hazards because they are so invisible basically.  Safety for yourself, and safety for your laptop so it will last you long after your warranty expires.

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