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Is sub4sub on youtube a good idea?

Sub 4 sub. This comment has been used on Youtube for gaining more subscribers to peoples channels. They certainly get lots of subscribers faster than others, but is it a good idea? My video below address the issue.

I personally don’t agree with doing sub4sub because it degrades the quality of my channel and makes me look desperate, reaching for attention. I certainly am doing the videos to get attention and for people to see what I can do; however, promising to subscribe to someone if they subscribe to you, is wrong because they don’t truly want to subscribe to you because they want to see your videos. They only want to subscribe to you because you want to subscribe to them. But if you subscribe back just because they subscribed to you, let’s be honest here…you know they’re most likely not going to watch your videos, and you know you’re not going to watch theirs just because you subscribed.

If you’re trying to become a YouTube partner, which will ultimately give you more subscribers, etc., you will get more exposure once you become a partner, but you will get banned before you have a chance at becoming a partner if you violate Youtube’s terms of use. One thing to become a partner is to have lots of views, and for those people viewing you, they may click on an ad beside your video, and you can make money via Google Adsense. There’s a goal! So, do you really want lots of subscribers and non of them watching your videos, giving you a chance at becoming a partner, and making money via Adsense? I know I don’t.

How about, instead of Sub4Sub, we do View4View or Comment4Comment! Leave your comments on my video by visiting