Is Google Maps Stalking You? Make it Stop

If you’re an Android phone user and were thrilled to see that most of your favourite apps, including Google Maps, were already installed when you activated your phone, you might want to pay attention. While it’s awesome and convenient to have a single sign-on for all Google products and platforms, it does mean that you end up logged to things that you’re not even actively using.

Google Maps is probably one of Google’s best programs. It’s precise, updated and comprehensive. Everything you want in mapping technology.

If you’re someone who always has their phone with them, what you might not know is that Google Maps is tracking your movements throughout the day. One day you might get a push notification that says, “I see you just went to McDonalds, would you like to rate your experience?”

Before we get into how to disable this aspect of Google Maps, we should preface this with the fact that not everyone hates this feature. In fact, some people think it’s kind of cool to track their day, rate local businesses and get recommendations based on their activity. However, this should be a choice, and Google Maps users should be given the option to disable it from the start.

How to Disable Google Maps’ Tracking Feature

  • Open the Google Maps app on your Android device.
  • Select the “Settings” from the drop down bar.
  • Tap on “Google Location Settings.”
  • Here you will see a switch – is it set to “on”? If so, tap it to switch it off.
  • Done!

If you are okay with using this feature, you can also adjust the locating method and improve the app’s accuracy if you wish.

What’s the Big Deal

The bottom line is that it’s a violation of your privacy – one that you didn’t really authorize. It’s one thing to willingly track your own data using an app, it’s another to have it done without your knowledge or consent.

You have to decide what you’re comfortable with when online or when using smart technology.

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