iPad is only good for one thing!

I read an article by Jason Hiner which you can find via this link: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/hiner/?p=5941&tag=nl.e101I have to agree with what he’s saying. Basically, he says the iPad is good for only two things, the second of which he had to get used to. The first things is reading and viewing which I totally agree with. It’s great for watching Youtube videos, doing slide show presentations to a client via PowerPoint, or even a picture slide show of your baby for friends and family to see. The second thing he got used to which I haven’t had the opportunity to play with it yet to see for myself, but it is Multi-touch interaction. I like how Jason mentions he can easily play Scrabble on the iPad passing it around between the players in the game. It’s so much easier than a laptop that way. Writing on the thing is apparently more challenging than a laptop and I can believe it. It’s like a huge PDA device (an oversized iPod). So if you’re thinking about getting an iPad instead of a laptop, think again!  It’s great for certain tasks but not a total replacement of your laptop.  If you are a realtor you may find this to be a priceless tool.  If you are a sales rep of any other kind, you may find great use with this, but I would probably lean more towards a laptop that converts into a notepad.  This way you have the best of both worlds when you need it.  I guess, when it comes down to decision time, the iPad is great for personal use with reading, viewing and some games, but for business when you need to do lots of typing, it’s not more productive at all, in fact, you’ll probably loose productivity.