How to vote in 2012 Readers Choice Award


Thanks for voting Twinbytes Inc as #1 Computer Repair in Markham for 2009 & 2011.  We look forward to your votes to be #1 in 2012 as well.  You can cast your votes at the following address:  The main link should come from but is currently not available and so this is the direct link.  You have a chance to win a $250 shopping spree!
Only thing is you need to be an Ontario resident.  You do not have to live in Markham to vote.

How to vote:

  1. Visit
  2. Answer the first question if you voted before and click on the link at the bottom of that pages that says “Markham Economist & Sun – Enter Here”
  3. You are now in a new window/tab that has page 1 of 7.  Click yes in the first two questions, fill in your contact details (required for you to win the prize) and answer the remaining questions on this page as you like.  Click Next at the bottom of the page.
  4. From page2 through 7, type in who you want to vote for in each category.  Just type in who you like, you don’t have to fill in every field of every page.  Please type in “Twinbytes Inc” in line#94 on page 3
    Note: The website times out if you walk away or take too long.  It warns you though.
  5. Click done on page 7 when you get there and that is it.  Thanks for your votes.  Close that window/tab and then click “Done” on the other screen you started from.
  6. “Like” us on Facebook. (Optional, but helps spread the word)

Thank you and good luck with winning the $250 shopping spree.  Feel free to forward this on to others.