How to recover data from HHD (hard disk drive)


“subject: hdd recovery using usb hdd enclosure

so i hook up my 2.5 ide hdd to my win 7 laptop. it install it but i cant view it under my computer. it shows up in device and printer and when i open it, it only show up the property. i went to disk management. found my hdd, right click for options and saw “delete volume” and “help” appear the only option. i don’t want to delete anything on it. so how can i recover those file since my computer isn’t reading the hdd. the hdd does not show up as any letters”


It sounds like the hhd (Hard Disk Drive) has lost it’s file system structure.  If the Device Manager recognizes the drive itself, but doesn’t create a drive letter in My Computer for you to click on and view the files, then chances are, the file system structure is lost.  When this happens, you need to use data recovery software to scan the drive with and attempt recovering your files.  If you have physical problems with the drive, you will not be able to recover the files easily with the software either and you will be just causing more damage making it harder for a data recovery lab to get the data for you.

Data recovery labs can cost anywhere from $400-$2,500 rough estimate depending on where you are in the world and to what extent the damage is, and what size the hard drive is.  If you are not willing to spend at least $400, then there is no point in wasting the labs time, and you can try your luck with some free data recovery software, or buy some for $50 or so and see if it works.  Maybe you just wasted $50 on software that didn’t work, but at least you tried.

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