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How to monopolize the web in every area of your business?

There is no trick on this one.  Check this out.  My website www.twinbytes.ca is already Page Rank 2 and ranks in the first position on just about every service I already offer, including computer repair and data recovery.  This helps with moving forward, so anyone that I link to will benefit from my link and anything I add to my website is getting higher ranks already.  So awesome!

Okay, so I just started offering a new service.  Now before you say anything, this is not meant for me to promote my services, although it is doing it anyway.  🙂  So moving on…. I started a new service and created a new webpage in my website.  You follow me still?  It’s not a new web “Site”, it’s just a new web “page” within my existing top ranking web “site”.  I convert VHS tapes to DVD’s.  I know this is kinda old, but people have been asking me and I didn’t have the equipment.  I got the equipment, created a webpage, and within a couple weeks I’m ranking position #1 in Stouffville, ON and position #8 in Markham, ON.  That’s without doing anything but simply creating the webpage and uploading it.

Now, I’m working on starting my SEO side of the business where I can do SEO for businesses.  Get this… I don’t have a webpage about SEO services yet, but I am already on page one if you do a search for SEO.  lmao!  This is hilarious!  It links to my blog! Wow, because my blog is a pagerank 3 and has lots of quality content, my blog is becoming an authority site and because it links to my main website, it helps push it up even further.

So what does all this mean?  Focus on one area of your business, and push it up the ranks as hard as you can, without doing things that can negatively hurt your ranking.  Trust me, people do stupid things that hurt their rankings rather than push them up.  Focus on one thing, and eventually when you add other services, you will rank high for them as well, immediately!  Just like my VHS conversion service, which, if you Google those words, I show up position 4 on page one. 😉  I think you get the point.

If you’d like to hire Daniel Gauthier of Twinbytes Inc for SEO services or other computer repair services, find his contact detail via www.twinbytes.ca under Contact Us.

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