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How to get big discounts and free unrestricted trials on almost anything online

There’s a very simple method I stumbled across entirely by accident that allowed me to get a free totally unrestricted trial for 48 hours on TubeToolBox, 50% off of and other stuff in the past that I didn’t think anymore of until now. I’ll share my “secret” here.

Basically the answer is to just go through the signup process until you get to the part to pay, and then either leave the website from that point, or if they offer a free trial, take the trial but be sure to cancel the account before the trial automatically turns into a paid subscription, or if they don’t have your credit card info, it won’t automatically bill you, but your account will simply expire or freeze until you pay.

What I did was I just didn’t pay for the subscription and let it go thinking I wouldn’t do anything with TubeToolBox but then they emailed me saying we’re giving you unlimited paid access for free for the next 48 hours! Amazing! With website, I was seriously considering doing it for the regular price, because the regular price wasn’t bad. I didn’t expect to get an offer for 50% off! I think I’ll do it now.

OK, So the trick isn’t really a trick. It’s just a process or lost skill. People shop around for the best price listed, but they don’t think about quality as much. You get what you pay for, usually, but you can also usually get great discounts on quality products and services if you just ask. Or in this case, don’t ask, just give them your contact information so they can get back to you with a better offer.

For example, my computer services are set at a certain price, and although we are competitively priced already, I’m open to giving discounts, especially when it’s a slow time and I’m hungry for more work. I don’t want to look like the cheap guy, but I can certainly be flexible and realistic.