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How does Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” work?

What is this I’m feeling lucky button on Google’s website? How does it work? And what’s up with this Google is God crap? I’ll explain, it’s very simple.

If you do a regular Google search for something, for example, “computer repair markham”, without the quotes, you’ll see a list of all kinds of computer repair websites in the Markham area. Since I’m a wiz at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I’m #1 in the list. So, what’s this got to do with the “I’m feeling lucky” button? Everything!

If you type in “computer repair markham”, without quotes, but this time click the “I’m feeling lucky” button, guess what shows up? appears. That’s because when you press the “I’m feeling lucky button” it brings up the first page that appears in the search results. That’s all it does.

So with my Youtube video I did, that went viral, sort of with over 8,000 views now… I got comments that Google isn’t God! Well, that’s because one of the tricks was to type in Google God and you’ll get this Google church thing saying how Google is like God. This may be offensive to some people, but it got me a lot of comments and views. Bascially I got the best results I’ve ever gotten on any video before. Now for those of you who like to complain about why this exists on the web and Google isn’t God, read on. As I mentioned earlier, when you press “I’m feeling lucky”, it just takes you to a website. So…just go to this website and click Contact Us, and email them. The website that comes up in the search I was talking about is and you’ll find links on the left side including Contact us and wait….. there’s one called hate mail! Yes, they actually have a contact us seperately for just hatemail. So this is where you guys can complain. The direct link is

Anyway, there you have it. An option for those who want to complain, and a learning opportunity for all of us in business. Stir up peoples emotions and next thing you know, everyone’s talking about it. All bad stuff mostly, but they are getting more traffic than Google themselves. (Ok, I know that’s not possible, but you know what I’m getting at). Stay tuned for more…