Hard drive types explained

I’ve made a video previously on how to access the data on your old hard drive in a dead computer.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Civ3nQM-mHQ  This requires using special cables to connect your hard drive to your computer.  However, you need to get the right connector for the type of hard drive you have.  Is it a desktop or laptop that the hard drive was in?  There’s also a newer type of hard drive that Toshiba started using called ZIF.  It’s really tiny and your traditional cable converters won’t work.

Below are some pictures to help you figure out what type of hard drive you have.  In order of when they came out:

1. SCSI (had several holes (50 or 68) for pins to go in)
2. IDE/PATA (has several pins that fit into a female cable)
3. SATA (two ribbon looking male connectors. One for power and one for data)
4. ZIF (a female slot for a very thin ribbon that snaps in. Typical for some new Toshiba netbooks).