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First post on this blog – What happened to your old blog?

Well, long story short. Here’s my new blog. Google lost my blog twice, so I’m not using blogger anymore. I looked at but they don’t allow Google adsense to run on that site. So I’ve created this new blog on my own domain. This way, I own it, I control it, no one can shut it down, and I can post Google adsense as you can see on this page. Here’s what I did if you want to host your own blog instead of joining Google’s or limited blog sites like that try to sell you other features when you can get them all yourself using like I did.

It really did take only 5 minutes after spending 10 minutes reading through things carefully. So if you can follow simple instructions, and you know how to access your websites control panel and it has one of the few options available as listed in the instructions, you can get your own blog up and running in 15 minutes or so. Everything you need to know is on the website

Now as for my previous posts on my other websites, I’ll try to backdate everything before today. Anything after today’s date is new posts.