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Eco-Friendly Office Tips

eco-friendly office

Do you think it’s important to create a more eco-friendly office? Let’s be honest – the climate change conversation isn’t going away.  We can all play a role in reducing waste.

As technology rapidly changes, there’s pressure to get the latest and greatest. The downside of this is it creates a lot of e-waste you toss out the old to bring in the new. Many offices also have photocopiers, printers and file folders full of paper, which not only cause clutter, but aren’t very friendly to trees!

So, what small steps can you make to do your part?

Tips for Creating an Eco-friendly Office

Recycle e-waste

Rather than chucking old computers, hard drives, printers, phones and tablets into the dumpster out back, reach out to a e-recycler in the area.

In the York region you can reach out to the following organizations:

  • eWaste Recovery Group Inc – North York
  • Elgin Mills Community Environmental Centre – Richmond Hill
  • Vaughan Household Hazardous Waste Depot – Concord
  • McCleary Court Community Environmental Centre – Concord
  • Markham Household Hazardous Waste Depot – Markham
  • Revolution Recycling – North York

Also, look for e-waste recycling pop-ups in local malls and businesses. If you deal with a manufacturer directly to get your computers, ask if they collect old units for recycling.

Go Paperless

If you’re dealing with a lot of paper in your office it might be time to at least try to go semi-paperless.

How? Technology!

Get your company on a online system that allows you to assign work, track performance, handle billing. Make a digital schedule rather than a printed version, take vacation and time-off requests online and keep digital copies on the server rather than printing.

You can even migrate your paper files to digital, then shred and recycle the hardcopies of old files.


If you want to make an eco-friendly office, ask us at TwinBytes for recommendations. We help our clients with software, hardware and networking. Contact us today!

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