Data Privacy Day – Be respectful, stay safe and establish trust

January 28, 2021, is Data Privacy Day – an international initiative to spread awareness about respecting privacy, protecting data and reestablishing trust online.  The National CyberSecurity Alliance (NCSA) has set out its education goals for 2021. The theme for individuals is “Own Your Privacy.”

TwinBytes stands by these messages, as we are always offering tips and tricks to help you stay safe and secure online.

As outlined by the NCSA’s “Own Your Privacy” campaign, here are three ways to stay safe on Data Privacy Day 2021!

Be Careful Who you Share info with

The NCSA tells us to treat our data like money. By data, we mean personal info. This is your IP address, your location and stuff like that. You only tell people in your inner circle and licenced professionals about your finances, so the same should be true about your personal information online.

Think Twice about Apps

While we all use a wide variety of apps on our smartphones, tablets and computers, some are better than others. When that warning pops up asking if you authorize the app to have access to some of your personal information, read it carefully before agreeing. Some apps might be less trustworthy – so be careful what you agree to!

Manage Your Privacy Settings

When you do decide to use an app or a social media platform, protect yourself by managing your privacy settings. You can also safeguard your devices themselves with two-step authentication (meaning two methods of unlocking the device or website rather than one). This will make using these sites and apps a lot safer.

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