Computer Technology We’re Thankful For

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we can start thinking about things we are thankful for. In our case, we are thankful for a lot of computer-based technology that has made our lives easier. Sure, we got by without out it, but we can’t imagine going back.

After being thankful for family, friends, health and happiness, here are five pieces of computer technology we are thankful for:

The Internet

Honestly, we couldn’t write this blog without mentioning the internet. While there were computers before the internet, it’s hard to imagine using them without it. After all, we all know how frustrating it can be when the internet goes down.

The internet and how we access it has changed, but that core invention was a catalyst. It’s the driving force behind so much subsequent technology, it’s crazy to think about how many things would not exist today without it.

Yes, there have been some negative affects, but overall it has changed our lives for the better. We are more productive at work, we know more about the world around us, and we can be connect with others in ways none of us could have imagined even 20 or 30 years ago.

Wireless technology

Early computers were not only huge (the size of a room) but they were connected with hundred of wires. Even early desktop computers were tethered by dozens of cords. Wireless technology cut the cord and cleaned up our desks. From keyboards to mouses to internet service, wireless technology allowed us to be mobile. We could move around in our own homes. We could take laptops anywhere within range of a signal.

Wireless technology made the smartphone possible. Think about it…your phone is really just a small handheld computer and without WIFI you are eating up data

The Desktop Computer

Like we said in the section above, computers used to be the size of a room. Only large businesses could afford them, and only those with special training could program them. The personal desktop computer started out as a luxury item, then something only used in schools to a household must-have.

The desktop computer gave way to the invention of the laptop computer, smartphone and tablet.

Word processor Software

We take it for granted, but before we have Microsoft Word and other word processor programs all typing was done using a typewriter. When typing, you had to fix errors using liquid paper and hope that the paper wouldn’t jam.

If you wanted to write a new draft of a document, you would have to literally retype it. Word processor technology made typing fast and efficient. Mistakes could be fixed on screen and you could revise the copy without starting over.

Search Engines

While search engines are tied to the invention of the internet, they eventually they took on a life of their own. Today, we use the term “Google it” on a daily basis. And today we don’t even need to type in full search terms. Through predictive modelling and machine learning, our search engines can basically guess what we want to look for. We can also use it through smart technology that obeys voice commands. From celebrity names to recipes to solutions to your most pressing computer problems, you can find it all through search engine technology.

We love all this technology! We would add more and more to this list – but we won’t. But one last thing to be thankful for – our amazing clients. Thank you for trusting TwinBytes with your networking, software and hardware issues. We love helping you get the most out of your technology.

Happy Thanksgiving!