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Computer repair for bikers

Where do bikers (motorcycle riders) go to get their computers fixed? Yes, bikers have computers too and there’s a relationship that is established quickly between all bikers. Hard to explain to non-bikers but if you ever noticed why bikers put their hand out to wave as they pass each other while going in opposite directions, you’ll know. We wave to each other because we all know it takes a certain level of confidence, ok I’ll say it….balls, to ride a motorcycle because of the danger involved.
I’m a computer repair technician, consultant/advisor and I’m also a biker. Small business likes to help other small business’s, people like to shop local, and bikers like to support their fellow bikers.
So if you ride, and you need your computer fixed, go to where bikers go. Take it to Twinbytes to see your fellow biker (Daniel Gauthier).  (905) 471-5904

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