New Canadian anti-spam laws

Marketing in this world of technology now that we evolved to a point that new laws had to be created to govern the processes.

Just as we had to create a new mailing list with opt-in clients only, you also will need to do the same if you send emails out regularly to clients and/or prospects.  You could be fined for spamming if you do not comply.  How does someone market their business easily now that we have this new law in place?
Well, what I’ve heard and understand, if someone doesn’t want to be on your list, they probably never read your messages anyway and you are paying to send these emails to people when it just goes to junk anyway.  Also, you probably don’t want them as clients anyway.  They’re doing you a favor.  The technical aspect of how to do this is not a problem and you can get support from your email blast service company.  Call them up and they will walk you through it. If they don’t provide support via phone you may be limited to support via email or live chat.  If this is not helpful enough, we would be more than happy to help you. 
If you have not done it yet, by the time you are reading this, you are required to do this immediately before sending your next email blast out.  You can send one last email out letting everyone know you want to ask them to opt-in to be in compliance and if they do nothing you will assume that means they do not opt-in and so you will not send further mail to them. 
What you can do to build your list up and get more subscribers is via all your social media sites, your website, phone calls, in person meetings you can ask them and through print ads.
There has been opinions floating around that this will be a big waste of time and the government can not enforce such a law.  Some of these comments make perfect sense, but the question you have to ask yourself is “Do you feel lucky?”
It will be interesting to see what happens after July 1st in the coming weeks when the news media takes hold of it.  The big comments/concerns are that this law will not only make local legitimate business more difficult hurting the little guys, but it will not stop the true spam that we get from outside of Canada (outside our jurisdiction).
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