Alert Shirt – 4D sensory technology

Technology is getting cooler but is it getting out of hand?  This below linked Video from Bloomberg shows an example of a product that takes our sensory experience to the next level.  We have 3D movies and 3D televisions, but now we’re looking at 4th dimensional experiences watching TV.  Really!

If you’ve seen the movie, “The Matrix”, I think you’ll know what I’m talking  about when I say we are really focusing on more and more of a virtual world rather than experiencing the real life world we’ve always had.  Sure, technology makes shopping and staying in touch with people easier, but the further we go down this rabbit hole, are we forgetting about the personal life experiences and becoming less sociable as human beings?

This shirt lets you feel the emotions, pain, excitement, etc. of the game you’re watching on TV.  It also can help you as a GPS, navigating the streets as you walk with a little pulse pushing you in the correct direction to your destination so you don’t have to look down at your smart phone GPS and then fall off the curb or walk into another person.

I can maybe see this for hard core sports fans and gamers, but gamers are typically already tied to the computer and to some it can be dangerously addictive.  This shirt gives people even less reason to go to a live game, or see people in person to experience things in real life.  Is virtual technology making people lazier and less personable?

Myself being a technology consultant and computer technician, you might expect me to be fully onboard with every new technology advancement, but if we think about it, we are trying to evolve and have better lives.  If we build an entire virtual world around our real world, are we really accomplishing our true goals, or are we just creating tons of cool stuff just because we can? What do you think?  Are we going too far?