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5 Things Not to Do on Your Work Computer

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Whether you work on a desktop computer in an office, or have a company-issued laptop, there are some rules you need to follow. Even if you’re office is laid back, you need to be careful with what you do on your work computer.

5 Things Not to Do on Your Work Computer:

1. Open Not Safe for Work (NSFW) websites or emails

If you’d be uncomfortable showing it to your boss, then just don’t open it. Even if it’s just a joke – don’t do it. Some websites of this nature – even joke sites – may contain viruses. If someone sends you a suspicious looking email attachment – even if it claims to be a joke – don’t open it!

2. Save Personal Files

If you’ve got some ideas for a side project you’ve been kicking around and you’ve got some time over lunch hour, you might think, hey, I’ll just do a bit of work on this, right? Wrong! Your employer owns your work computer, thus everything on the computer belongs to them as well. Don’t jeopardize your current job or your future endevours due to poor judgement. Use good old fashioned pen and paper – or use your personal phone or ipad during an unpaid break instead.

This goes for innocent files, such as photos of your kids, too. If the computer is ever taken away from you, you could lose all those personal memories.

3. Job Search

Even if you hate your job, it’s in very poor taste to job search on company time using your work computer. It’s okay to always be looking for new opportunities, just do it from home or at least using a personal device rather than your company-issued computer. Don’t jeopardize your current job due to poor choices.

4. Gossip or Say Unkind Things About Co-Workers on Chat or Email

Remember that your company email and interoffice chats are often saved and achieved by your employer. Do not land yourself in hot water for workplace harassment. Save your venting for after work with friends or family. If you have a real issue with a fellow employee, take it up with your manager or HR rather than taking matters into your own hands.

5. Stream Movies or Televisions Shows

You’re paid to work not catch up on your shows. Even if your company hasn’t blocked popular streaming sites, don’t abuse that fact by using company time (and bandwidth) to watch movies. It’s one thing to use a trustworthy site, such as Netflix (which you still shouldn’t do), it’s quite another to download or stream using illegal services. Not only could you be downloading viruses onto your work computer, you could be landing your company in hot water for illegally downloading videos.

Yes, these are only five examples – and there are plenty more – but it’s important to remember that having access to a computer for work is a privilege and it’s one you should not abuse.

If you own a business, talk to us at TwinBytes to find out how to safeguard your company computers. We can help with virus prevention and removal, as well as block certain websites from work computers to encourage staff to stay on task. Contact us today!