Convert VCR VHS Tapes to DVD

VHS / VCR tapes don’t last forever. Your old precious home videos from years ago are rotting away in your storage boxes but they can be transferred to DVD’s so you can then install them on your computer and share them with all your friends and family around the world.

What type of media we can convert to digital?

We convert standard VHS, VHS-C and Mini DV tapes to digital or DVD format.  Any other type of cassette we can do, ONLY if you provide the video camera for it to play back in.  We have all the cables and adapters needed to hook it up to our system for conversion.  If you do not have a working player, unfortunately we can not convert those other types of tapes.

Mini DV tapes VHS-C tapes VHS / SVHS tapes

What we can not convert

We can not convert the following cassette tapes unless you can provide us with the original player in working condition.

8mm / Hi 8 / Digital 8, Beta Video cassette, MicroMV cassette

We can’t convert different Country formats, so if recorded in another Country it won’t work with our equipment.

Reasons to convert your old VHS tapes include:

1.Preserving the video in digital format so they can literally last forever.
2.You can throw away your old VHS player. They are becoming extinct anyway and when your old VHS player dies, instead of buying a new one, for the same price, you could have all your VHS tapes converted to DVD so they can run on your Television DVD player or on the computer.
3.Easily make copies for friends and family using your computer.
4.Watch videos without having to rewind ever again.
5.Find a specific part in a video faster.


# of Tapes up 30 minutes 0.5 to 2 hours 2-4 hours 4-6 hours
1-10 $20/tape $25/tape $35/tape $45/tape
11-50 $15/tape $20/tape $30/tape $40/tape
51+ $10/tape $15/tape $25/tape $35/tape
Additional copies $1.50 per extra disk

Compare to major competitor:

  • They take up 3 weeks turn around time.  TwinBytes can do as fast as next day depending on size of job and how busy we are.
  • They charge $20 for each two hours of video you go over the maximum 2 hour (ie. a 6 hour video tape (1 tape) would cost you $60.  Compare to TwinBytes at $10 for the next 2 hours totals $45 saving $15 for upto 6 hours video.
    The reason this costs extra is DVD’s can only hold upto 2 hours video and we need to cut the video.
  • There are no emergency services available.  TwinBytes can do rush jobs.  Emergency fees may apply.

Details explained:
We convert your VHS tape to DVD on a disk, unless you specifically ask for a raw digital format to edit and play directly on your computer.  Be sure to tell us if you want it in DVD format for the television, or in a format for the computer.  Also, let us know if you are using it on a Mac versus Windows computer so we can provide the appropriate format to you.

CD Sleeves and disks cost so much each, and a very tiny amount of labour to create copies. So we have to charge extra for multiple copies as you can see in the chart above.

Large videos that would normally require more than one DVD will not cost you extra if you only want it in digital format on an external hard drive or USB thumb drive.

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