Tech-Knowledgy Book – 1st edition

This is the book that most technicians don’t want you to have.  It’s designed to level the playing field between technicians and the average computer user.  If you ever felt like you are in the dark when making a computer purchase, or getting taken advantage of when taking your computer in for repairs and being told you need more done than necessary.  Maybe you are claiming a warranty service and find after it’s too late that they wiped your data saying it’s standard procedure and you don’t have a current backup.

This book will help you gain confidence and control over these situations.

This is not available on Amazon but you can get your copy of this book FREE a number of ways while supplies last:

  • With any service we provide.  Ask for a copy of Daniels book.
  • In grab bags at special events we have sponsored like Free Spirit Festival.
  • Ask to come by and pick up a copy.
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With the 2nd edition we will not be able to give away as many as we do now, so be sure to grab one before they are all gone.