Startup Business

We were once a startup business, so we know very well the struggles and challenges with having zero budget for everything while trying to get off the ground.  We also know you can’t go anywhere without at least certain basics in place.  We can help you keep your computer systems running without pushing non-critical software options or services.

Although some services we offer like monthly preventive maintenance are very important to keep you safe, honestly, when you are a startup business, how much are you really protecting here anyway?  If you lost everything tomorrow, next week, or next month, it’s probably worth the risk of not having maintenance.  Most likely you can afford to be without your computer for a day or two with no major consequences.  At least until you start really building.  So let’s focus on what is important to you.

Although we don’t do websites, you should get a website and professional email address immediately.  It’s the first thing you should do besides registering your company name.  Aside from that, you need a computer to work with and we can sell you that computer or just help you set it up.  Once it’s setup, the most basic service you need is a really good anti-virus and firewall product.  We highly recommend Avast CloudCare business security for three reasons; it has business grade protection, it is managed and monitored by us regularly, and lastly, it includes a premium remote support tool which allows us to help you easily.  Even if your computer locked you out and you can’t visit any website to initiate a remote session, we can still get in and fix it for you.  This helped a few of our clients and saved them the cost of an onsite visit as well as saved them time driving to us.  With a start up business, we know it helps to save anywhere you can.

Last but not least, you need a backup program.  The cheapest way to do it is purchasing an external hard drive and using a program such as Cobian backup which is free software.  Just remember, this is all you have for backup until you’re ready to start paying a monthly fee for online backups.  You need to unplug the drive immediately after the backup is done and only plug it in when you are ready to begin the backup.  Having two drives is great so you can have one at home and one at the office, or if you work from home, keep one in a safe place and the other near your computer for tonight backup.

We are happy to help you along the way on an as needed basis whether is repairs of something that doesn’t work or setting up new software or hardware such as computers, printers, wireless routers and more.