Established Business

Your business is fully established, your debts are paid, you’ve grown to a healthy size.  You are now in a position to take your security, stability and performance of your computer network to the next level.  We will outline our suggestions on this page.

Just like the growing business, backups are of #1 priority and nothing could be more important.  you built up alot of data and can’t afford to lose it.  You may want to incorporate a few methods of backing up rather than just one.  Online backups might sound like the only way to go, but a local backup is the fastest recover time.

  1. Local file backup to a USB hard drive or NAS backup drive
  2. Local image backups which help you recover your complete system reducing the downtime of having to reinstall everything.
  3. Online backups can be a costly ongoing expense, but it would be even more costly if you lost everything and your local backups you thought were running, weren’t, because no one was checking them.  Or maybe a fire, flood or theft not only stole your computers but your backup drives too.

The second most important thing is having a really good anti-virus / firewall security program. We offer Avast CloudCare business security which is managed and monitored by us regularly and you won’t have to worry about if it is still active, doing regular updates, regular scans, tracking subscriptions, moving licenses to new computers, etc.

Third, being an established business, you can’t afford down time and need to do everything you can to ensure your computers, servers and network equipment is running smoothly.  With our monthly preventive maintenance packages we check for security, stability and performance to help you reduce the chance of hackers, unexpected system crashes and system slowdowns.

Having your backups and security taken care of now, you might want to look at productivity options to really improve your business.  As a Microsoft Cloud partner we offer more than Office 365, we offer programs such as Project Manager and hosted file servers, and hosted Exchange servers.  We can arrange a meeting to learn more about your needs and quote you on the appropriate solution.