If you are looking for a FREE Contact Management Database, you came to the right place.

We are almost ready to upload our first version to you, 100% FREE, so please come back again shortly.  Seriously, we needed to create this page first, so we have a place to link to in the software etc. So many “Free to try” online based CRM database software, however there seems to be no more free downloadable programs that don’t require an ongoing subscription.

Why is it FREE?

I needed a CRM for my own business.  I used to use ACT by Sage, however it was outdated and they no longer sold offline, one time purchase downloadable software.  I had to go to a subscription based platform which was going to cost me more money in a couple years subscription than what I paid 1 time for 10 years!  So I decided to make my own. Now that I have one for myself, knowing how hard it is for small business who need tools but want to keep costs down, I wanted to share why I created.  I only ask for a small donation if you like it.  You can either click here to donate via Paypal or a button is in the program itself under the main menu.

How to use it?

How to download it?

Click here to download directly. – link coming soon….

Screen shots