If you are looking for a FREE Contact Management Database, you came to the right place.  My first version to you, 100% FREE.

So many “Free to try” online based CRM database software, however there seems to be no more free downloadable programs that don’t require an ongoing subscription.

Why is it FREE?

I needed a CRM for my own business.  I used to use ACT by Sage, however it was outdated and they no longer sold offline, one time purchase downloadable software.  I had to go to a subscription based platform which was going to cost me more money in a couple years subscription than what I paid 1 time for 10 years!  So I decided to make my own.

Now that I have one for myself, knowing how hard it is for small business who need tools but want to keep costs down, I wanted to share why I created.  I only ask for a small donation if you like it.  You can either click here to donate via Paypal or a button is in the program itself under the main menu.

How to use it?

How to download it?

Click here to download directly

Screen shots