Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Many clients of TwinBytes have taken the time to let us know how much they appreciate our help. Here are a few letters from satisfied clients of TwinBytes.

April 3, 2017 I recently had a problem with Microsoft Office. I spent 5 days on the phone dealing with the representatives at Microsoft Office 365. They sent me from department to department with no resolution. I brought the issue to Daniel. He was able to resolve the issue within an hour, and my Microsoft Office is working properly. Daniel was very accessible, friendly and helpful. I look forward to continuing to work with Daniel.

Brenda Hiscock, CFP, RHU
Certified Financial Planner
Objective Financial Partners Inc.

November 29, 2016 Daniel Gauthier of TwinBytes is no ordinary human being. I met Daniel at MACC (Markham Association of Community Champions) where he shared his passion and love of giving back to the community. I run a social justice group for kids here in Markham and at our last meeting made a shout out for inspirational speakers to come in and share their life experiences with my youth. Daniel jumped at the chance and within 72 hours, had prepared a presentation on Stereotyping and bullying. He came roaring up on his bike dressed in his full biker gear and made a huge impression. He presented and spoke in great length about the consequences of stereotyping individuals and bullying and how we can be positive change makers. Daniel, thank you so much for your time and for sharing your experiences with us. We look forward to welcoming you back again in the New Year!

Shanta Sundarason
The Giving Tree Unionville.

October 26 2015
I highly recommend Daniel at TwinBytes for any computer assistance! After my hard-drive failed and showed up empty on a hard-drive reader, I was told by several other companies that it was un-repairable and would need to be taken to a clean room to retrieve any data (if I was lucky). I had very important data on my hard-drive and Daniel was able to retrieve 90% at a fraction of the price compared to what I was quoted elsewhere. The turn-around time was also a lot faster, and I was back up and running within a few days! Daniel was very attentive and professional and I will be using TwinBytes moving forward for any computer related assistance. Thank you Daniel!
Michelle Taylor
CPG Connect
Reviewed on Google

Oct 5, 2015
TwinBytes Inc. not only the best computer repair in Markham but also has performed a miracle for me. My computer crashed a few years ago. I went to another computer repair company, they repaired my computer but told me that a few files was deleted and lost not able to retrieve. That was a very shocking news for me I had just lost months worth of work. As I was in the shocking stage I remembered of having met Daniel in the past.  I called him and took the computer over and that was when the miracle happened. He retrieved all of my files and showed me how to backup for that to not happen again. YES! TwinBytes Inc. for me is one of the best computer repairs.Louis Diclemente


Sept 28, 2015
I found TwinBytes on Homestars and called the phone number on Saturday evening figuring that I would leave a voicemail ffor someone to call me back on Monday. To my surprise the owner, Daniel Gauthier, actually answered the phone himself! He was kind and courteous as he listened to my computer issues. Within 24 hours I had dropped off the computer desktop, had it professionally repaired and picked up without losing even one minute of valuable time. I am so happy to now be a TwinBytes client!!! Great work and extraordinary service!!!Sam Gonshort
Spirit Graphics
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April 20, 2015
Hey there good readers. Do ya have a computer that needs service or want a new one put together right? Don’t bother with Barf-Buy or other computer no-nothings (generally speaking, of course). Daniel Gauthier is a super, knowledgeable guy (and author!) who knows PC’s and PC parts like no one else around Markham. I know what I’m talking about because I am a computer geek and can do a lot of what Daniel can do, just not as well, to be frank. That’s why you pay for what you get in this world. If you want excellent service, affordable solutions to your computer issues and a system that rocks, see Daniel and walk away happy and know you’re in good hands should you need his help down the road. My good friends A & S also had a computer done up by Daniel and are beyond impressed. Twinbytes – thanks for everything so far.
Martin Douglas
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I recently took my laptop, which was not booting and was also running very slowly, to TwinBytes for an assessment. Daniel understood that I needed the computer for business and responded very quickly. He was able to look at the problem the same day, and begin a cleanup that addressed the problems. When I asked for advice on new computers because of the slow performance, he went beyond the initial issues and recommended installing a solid state drive in lieu of purchasing a new machine. As a result I now have a much faster machine, and didn’t have to spend money on a new computer.
Daniel is also very prompt to answer emails when I have questions, and to provide remote support when that is necessary.
Daniel and TwinBytes have helped me for a number of years, and I am very pleased with their support.
Alan Brooks


Hi Daniel
I have to tell you that it is such a pleasure working on a computer that works so well and so fast. You built me an awesome machine. For me, productivity is essential. This machine truly empowers my ability to produce. But it isn’t the machine alone that completes the picture. Your ongoing monthly support and online accessibility guarantees no down time. Twinbytes, the only way to go.

Thank you
Law offices of Alan Direnfeld

I am delighted to write a testimonial letter for Daniel Gauthier of Twinbytes. We have had Daniel as our I.T. consultant for 5 years and are extremely pleased with his work on our behalf.
Daniel initiated a plan of preventative maintenance so that our software is always up to date, and our virus and malware protection is always current.
He is always available to do troubleshooting when anything goes down or needs tweaking & he has a broad range of computer & IT knowledge which he is able to apply, including pc’s, Apple products and all of the extensions to our computers. He interfaces well with our web host to ensure that it is always up and functioning effectively.
Daniel not only has great technical skills but we find him easy to work with and he is able to communicate well to all staff in layman’s language about technical things.
I highly recommend Daniel and Twinbytes for a business of any size or for personal tech support.  Please feel free to call me directly at (905) 305-8490 if you would like to discuss his work further.  – Nov 20, 2014

Eric Tappenden
President & Owner

Daniel is my “go-to” for all of the desktop needs for my business. I appreciate his incredible timeliness and efficiency in all of our dealings, which has been critical for me as so much of my business is cloud-based. Daniel is able to simplify the ever-changing world of technology and how it affects my business. I really appreciate having TwinBytes support my business and I have great security knowing they’re only a call away!

Jennifer Green
President – Jade Consulting


TwinBytes has been handling the computer needs of our National Head Office for several years, with both on-site and remote service. The service is always efficient, timely and completed to our satisfaction. Daniel and Katherine are extremely helpful in answering questions and assisting with solving problems. I would definitely recommend TwinBytes Inc. for your computer needs. – From Home Stars

Anne Mason
National President
IODE Canada


“I find in Twinbytes everything I need for service on my PC. They are always available, knowledgeable on all the software, and price their services fairly. They are my GO-TO PC service centre. Don Cousens”

Don Cousens
Counsel Public Affairs



Daniel from Twinbytes has helped us multiple times over the years with computer repairs including virus removal, fan replacement on a laptop and recently created a website for us, started SEO work on it and in turn it started bringing us more business.

We recommend Daniel at Twinbytes to anyone who appreciates quality workmanship.

Bill & Tracy Kaltabanis
The Greek Bakery

If anyone needs a computer fixed (home or business) I would highly recommend the place I used recently…TwinBytes Inc. in Markham. The owner, Daniel Gauthier, was fantastic. My home PC was completely dead, it was dying slowly and then took it’s last breath. I was inconsolable…I found Daniel on the internet and brought him my tower that morning and he was able to get it cleaned up, up and running, within a day at less than what he had originally quoted me for. He did not do anything I did not need and he took time to fix my “older model”, rather than just throw in a more expensive new hard drive…I literally would not have known what exactly it needed as this is NOT my area of expertise. He kept me up to date on the progress and I had it back pretty much the next day. he was a super nice guy and a real businessman that cared about my outcome and finances. I would highly recommend him and his services.

Jackie Kasala
Veterinary Tech. Toronto, ON.

Being a small business owner – technology is a very important tool towards my success. I’m sure you can all appreciate what it would be like to experience 2 hard drive crashes on the same laptop. Finding someone to trust to fix it wasn’t easy…but I was lucky and met Daniel from TwinBytes. Not only was it convenient to have someone local working on it…Daniel went above and beyond to get my laptop back up and running. He was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend my “techie guy”, Daniel, for all your computer issues!

Monica Hecht – Independent Senior Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics Canada

Just a quick note to tell you that my computer is significantly faster… I feel like I have a new computer… Thanks for your recommendation and work on the computer Daniel. BEST!

Roger Alton CHRP, C.Med.
Just Resolutions


May 28, 2012
Daniel, this is just a note of thanks for your help in getting rid of some nasty viruses in my PC and for your book, TECH-KNOWLEDGY. I find it an excellent guide for laymen like myself, using easy-to-understand language and, yet, quite comprehensive in its scope.Best regards,
Tom Simon
TANDA Laboratories Inc.

The words that no one in the service industry wants to hear are “The Server is Down”. I can’t even begin to thank Daniel enough for his assistance and expertise when we had our server crash. He was at our offices immediately and got us up and running temporarily. He then went on to get us a new server and proceeded to set it up for us and now our new system is running better than ever! He completed this very large job in a timely and efficient manner. Considering he was dealing with something that someone else had set up in the first place, that makes it even more admirable.


We started using TwinBytes last fall based on the recommendations that we had read on the website. They were all right! Daniel is wonderful to deal with and explains things in such a way that it makes it easier for us to understand. He reacts to any issues promptly and efficiently. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an IT person for their company.

Joanne Heffernan
NESS Security Inc.

Daniel is a joy to work with. I noticed his calm and can-do demeanour years ago when my hard drive took a nose-dive. And when I came back with the exact same problem recently I was amazed that not only did he remember the hard drive but went the extra mile to ensure that I would have it back as soon as possible.

Salima Pirani
Siam Reiki Master Teacher & Meditation Instructor

As a design and manufacturing company of interconnect products for the data communications industry, we rely heavily on our networking system. When it came time to upgrade our server we had to make sure we found a reliable and competent computer services company.

After trying a few companies that created more problems than solutions, we decided to try TwinBytes. I met with Daniel and he developed a strategy to install our new server and upgrade our client workstations.

Well I must admit that I expected some major hiccups but TwinBytes upgraded us seamlessly and virtually transparent to our users. We now have a faster more efficient system thanks to TwinBytes.

I received many compliments from staff as to Daniel’s patience and professionalism and I can personally attest to his ability to turn complex problems into simple solutions. Now that we have our upgraded network in place, we can focus more on customer relations by adding many new enhancements.

Moving forward, TwinBytes will be our computer services company of choice.

John DiPietro
Vice President & General Manager

I had my laptop fixed recently by Daniel and it was one of the best service experience I’ve ever had. Everything was seamless starting from the initial phone call, taking my notebook into his office, and the repair turn around time. I never felt at any point that he was trying to get more money out of my pocket. In fact, I feel guilty for not paying more due to the urgent nature of my request. His friendly attitude, honesty and professionalism is quite refreshing because it is hard to find these qualities in service professionals these days. I highly recommend TwinBytes to anyone needing computer repair and/or maintenance. He’s also got his own book that I just started reading.. so far I find it very informative and I think you will too!


Jerem (On Google)
Sept 20, 2011

Our computer hard drive crashed all of a sudden and we needed to have important data recovered. Called several places and everyone just told us to bring it in for a set lab fee.


Daniel from TwinBytes was the only one who asked details on what the drive sounded like, what the screen was, etc.. He said he can try to recover the disk manually first to save some money as it might not be necessary to send it to the lab.


Despite exhausting all his methods, the hard drive was completely shot. He had to finally send it in to a lab to recover the data, but kept true to his estimate on what the fees would be so there were no surprises. The data was recovered and it was still cheaper then all the other phone quotes that we received. He could have easily taken advantage of our situation, but didn’t. Instead he tried to work with us in a timely and efficient manner.


I would not hesitate to use Daniel from TwinBytes again for any computer related problems. Truly an honest individual and highly recommended!


Dr. Wei-Kun Chung Chiropractor
7381 Kennedy Road Unit 102 Markham, Ontario
September 8th, 2011

“Mr. Daniel Gauthier has provided our optometry clinic with numerous IT software and hardware solutions. He is a person with above-average integrity, expertise, as well, he keeps his promises to his clients. I highly recommend him for his services.”


Dr. Hafiz Walji

“We are a time sensitive business and must be able to communicate electronically with our clients 24/7. Daniel understands this and has been available to assist us immediately when we have issues. He is knowledgeable, thorough and service driven.”Tim Hardie
Hire Performance

I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank you for a job well done!

We had some major network issues and not only were you able to fix them but you got it done quicker than I thought possible. Now we’re secure and all of our computers are doing what they’re supposed to do!

In addition, when I called you in a panic because my lap top crashed you walked me through the process, were able to recover all my data and got me up and going quickly. All for a VERY reasonable price. I’ve heard some nightmare stories of people being held hostage to get their data back and have been extremely impressed with your professionalism and value. It’s nice to find someone competent and honest!


I wish I had called you first!
Michael Manos
Owner Bluestone Bistro
January 6, 2011

Thank you sooooo much…everything is running smoothly…and making my life easier!
All the best,
Sept 2, 2010

Dear Daniel,

Following your work on diagnosing my laptop problem, I brought you my desktop which had crashed leaving me with that dreaded “blue screen” Once again, you came through with a diagnosis and solution which I consider that you carried out in a timely manner at a reasonable fee. You can be sure that I will continue to use and trust in your work.

Regards; Al Wallis – June 12, 2010

Yes – YOU ARE FANTASTIC ! let’s ck. it all out on Friday ! so – was the video driver bad ? what does that mean ? you can tell me on Friday –

YOU ARE THE GREATEST – I KNEW ONLY YOU COULD FIGURE IT OUT ! I will email you when I get up on Friday & you can then tell me when you are able to call me…you are truly the ONLY tech I trust ! thank you, thank you, thank you !

(This process of elimination troubleshooting and fix was all done via phone and remote control software)


Margot Pierrong (California) – June 2010

I can’t believe it! I took my computer to a place a while ago because the sound wasn’t working. They said it was something with some part that was too big of a job and not worth fixing. They couldn’t do anything with it and said I should either toss it or live with it. I took it to Daniel at Twinbytes and he fixed it quickly for only $35. Apparently it was a simple fix and was incorrectly diagnosed by the other guys.

Neal Jensen – May 2010

Dear Daniel;

A note of appreciation for your recent work in assessing the problem with my laptop computer. I was about to spend over $200 on a repair recommended by another computer support firm when I spotted your office and decided to get another opinion. Your diagnosis proved correct and the repair (get a new battery) saved me most of that $200.

You can be sure that I will continue to use and trust in your work.

Al Wallis – March 10, 2010

I would like to thank you for your assistance and professionalism with recovering the information on my hard drive. It was a pleasure dealing with you.. As an IT Professional I am so well aware that a backup is important and not something that can be put off till another day. It was my mistake, and I will always be grateful for your assistance.


The distance to reach you in Markham is well worth it! I did not find anyone in the Halton and Peel region that provides this service at your rate.


Petra Honneff

Thank you so much for your amazing recovery of my external hard drive. I seriously felt like I had been “erased”! You recovered it not only at a quicker speed and more reasonable cost than what others have quoted, you also recovered it AND fixed my corrupted hard drive. I am so grateful for your help. You are so courteous and humble. I knew I could rely on you right away when you called within an hour after I gave you my damaged drive at the end of Saturday, and had all 120GB of my drive recovered on Monday morning. This proves to me you are hardworking, and that you really put a great deal of importance in your clients� need. Always, you are so willing to help, either on an individual basis with computer problems, or the whole community with sponsoring sports teams. I can tell you have a heart of gold, and you will always help as much as you can in your maximum capacity. I highly recommend Daniel and Twinbytes!!



Hi Guys…just wanted to let you know that everything seems to be working fine and to thank you for a smooth transition…as you know I was very nervous and you guys made it seem easy.


Diana Pellerine

Hi Daniel:
I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for fixing and setting up my high speed wireless connections. I have heard only good things about you through other members of the Markham Board of Trade. I’m happy to be able to confirm those reports. You were on time. I left you to go to another meeting. You continued until you were finished, the setup was complete and working. Your rates are very reasonable. You are very polite and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends or clients should the need arise. All the best and thanks for easing my frustration.


Frank May, CCCEr /> Consultant
Helping Canadians “finish better than they started”.

I’ve told everyone how you, in Canada, fixed my computer problem without a hitch !!! I cannot thank you enough for fixing my problem, Daniel; I can once again view & print pdf files perfectly. I shall be telling everyone how easy you could fix it with your remote program – ya never know…you just might get some new business from California ! Thanks again & I shall await my invoice. Worth every bit & more !!!


Regards, Margot P.
May 28 2008

In the past I have dealt with several other computer consultants to maintain our system. None of them have been as responsible as you have proven to be over the past year to solve problems quickly, at a reasonable cost.You described problems in a simple articulate way that the layman can understand.This has not been the case with others we have dealt with in the past.Having had trouble with my own computer recently in Central Ontario, I choose to make a 3-hour trip to your office rather than take another chance on the uncertainty of dealing with a local computer technician whom I don’t know.I wish you success with your business and will not hesitate to recommend you to others when they need assistance.James Lumbers,
Miroarts Inc.

Oct 30th, 2007Daniel & his team at TwinBytes have done an excellent job of enlarging and upgrading our system, and our monthly maintenance package with them has meant great service at great value. Daniel takes personal care of all our computer needs, and I am very grateful for his attention to detail, without losing sight of the big picture of our business goals and requirements.Eric C. Tappenden
Chapel Ridge Funeral Home & Cremation Centre Markham

Here’s what John Webster (The Markham Town Crier) cried at our open house:


Oyez… Oyez… Oyez…


Milords, Ladies, All ye in attendance gather ’round. As the official town crier for the Town of Markham, I have an announcement of great importance.


It is a well known fact, the the original information and communications device, was the town crier. It needed little maintenance other than food, water and perhaps a little ale.


Today’s information processing equipment is a highly sophisticated technology that is ever evolving, ever improving, and requires a highly trained, certified professional to keep it in good running order.

The main street of Markham, and indeed all of the surrounding area, are rejoicing at the Grand Opening of Twinbytes on Main St., to provide that professional assistance, close at hand.


Twinbytes, helping you with today’s technology…today.

This cry, cried aloud this 11th day of October in the year of Our Lord, Two thousand and seven.

God save our gracious Queen.

Hello Daniel,In today’s business world with so many ongoing disputes it’s a pleasure to be writing this short note.Petra, our developmentally disabled daughter, always expressed an interest in being able to use computers, for much more than ‘gaming’, but being able to understand and use a computer to the same extent as others of her generation. Using standard software, to design, express herself in words, and communicate with friends and relatives via email. We brought you on board ~ TwinBytes ~ and you devised a program that Petra was readily able to understand. You are to be congratulated, the project you devised for Petra was more than a straight forward learning experience. You resolved many of the complicated technical aspects in a fun way, without any stress to the participant, because of this Petra has an ongoing interest, and is now an avid computer user.Both Viki and myself wish you every success in your future endeavours.Again congratulations on helping Petra along the road to self sufficiency.Viki & Chris Tolley

March 2007
To: Daniel & Katherine
TwinBytes Inc. Markham, OntarioJust a letter to let you know that our company is very pleased with your punctual, professional service and your expertise. We have been in business for over 50 years and as our company continues to grow we find that it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the new innovations in technology. Your company has made this easy. By keeping us up to date on a regular basis we can provide our customers better service while expending less effort.We look forward to continuing business with you & your company, as you are an asset to ours.Thank you,
Chris, Audrey, Evan, Carly & Leslie Barker
Barker Roofing Siding & Windows

Daniel:If a potential client wants to check out a reference, then just send them to me!You did a terrific job setting up my home office network and securing it, along with the upgrade to my new laptop’s operating system. You were a consummate professional – on-time, on-budget and available for follow up phone calls and emails – which you answered quite promptly! (When do you manage to sleep, I wonder?).I know that I’ll be calling on you again in the future, and certainly will be happy to recommend you to any of my clients that need your services. (I’ve done so already!)
Sincerely,Lawrence Fox CMA
AccountingWizard Solutions
Bookkeeping, Accounting, Databases�”Nobody goes to work for themselves in order to do paperwork. I do paperwork! And you can get back to doing what YOU love…”



Dear Daniel,
Re: Twinbytes Inc. Letter of Appreciation


I thought I would take a moment to express to you in writing my appreciation for the incredible service you have provided to me recently. It is truly a pleasure to work with a professional service provider who is intelligent, timely and is honestly concerned about the quality of the service that he delivers. Your attention to detail together with your intuitive problem solving skills and detailed knowledge of your profession together with your earnest desire to achieve high quality measurable results will no doubt put you at the top of everyone’s “call first” list to resolve their computer problems or simply to keep their computers well maintained.


Thank you for all of your help. Yours Very Truly,
Alan D. Direnfeld

Wow! Thank you so much for helping me with my computer woes. Life is just so much easier when the computer is functioning. Since bringing your expertise to my office, the computer doesn’t lock up on me when I’m in the middle of something. I can actually multitask on it which I’ve never been able to do. It’s functioning at a much faster pace, and there are no more issues with viruses!! Daniel, your consultation was money well spent as it has saved me hours of my valuable time. I also appreciate the follow-up phone calls.
Thanks again,
Cheryl Ward

I love your monthly tips. They’re clear, easy to understand, and enormously helpful. Keep them coming!

Heather Yale Incentive Works


Thank you for your outstanding service. Our experience with TwinBytes has been very pleasurable and one that more people need to experience. We are pleased to have the support of TwinBytes behind our computers.


Kevin V. Huhn – Host The Hockey Source

Daniel first approached us as an individual who was interested in supporting our cause and organization. He has now become a lifetime supporter and our computer technician.


Whenever we have an issue with our computer, Daniel is always available to help and the issues are resolved promptly. He is always courteous, extremely reliable and continually goes that extra mile for customer satisfaction.


We recommend TwinBytes for all of your computer needs!

Elaine Vollett Executive Director The Centre for D.R.E.A.M.S. Inc.

I’ve known Daniel for almost 2 years. He is quick to respond, very knowledgeable and very thorough. He follows up and makes sure that, as a customer, you are completely satisfied with his work. These are the things I want in someone who looks after my IT needs and I would recommend him and TwinBytes.


Jim Stewart Profit Path

The service I received from TwinBytes has allowed me to focus more on my business and worry less about my computer systems. The follow-up calls are also great. They help my company to grow faster and have improved my sales.

John Koveos, B.Sc
Quantum Nutrition

Daniel is excellent to deal with, professional yet easy to talk to, never pushy. Always looking for ways to help. His hardware prices are often better than his competition. I highly recommend him.


Robert Stewart
President Stewart Publishing & Printing

I called Daniel and told him my computer was slow and doing weird things. He came over, and with no extra explanation of the problems from myself, he fixed the problem in no time flat. Since then he’s provided me with regular maintenance and my computer experience is a lot less frustrating. Dare I say enjoyable?

Spiro Koveos President Triphase Systems Inc.


Daniel has been looking after my computers for several years. His initial visit was to upgrade the operating system to Windows ME and at that time he partitioned the hard drive and installed both virus scanning software and a firewall. The computer has been entirely problem free since then. Recently I had him custom build a new home system based on Microsoft XP Media Centre Edition, so that I can manage my digital photo files, cd’s and record TV programs.

Michael Wilson
President Financial Focus Canada Inc.