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Computer repair, laptop repairs, iMac, MacBook repairs; and more.
Hardware and software sales and service. Commercial and residential.

What computer services does Twinbytes offer?

Prevent It: We service your computers monthly using a 15 point inspection to ensure optimal security, performance, and reliability. You can focus on growing your business, and not worry about what to do when something happens. Check out our plans.

Repair it: When you have a problem with your computer, we can repair it onsite or in our Markham shop. You get an in depth diagnostic with the right answer. We will recommend if worth fixing or not and give you more than one option so you are still in control.

Set it up: Do you need a network setup? Maybe a new computer, wireless router, printer, some software or device you need help setting up? We can get you up and running quickly, so you can get back to work sooner, and all at reasonable rates. Ask about our guarantee.

Training / Consulting: Do you want private one-on-one training in your own home or office? Do you need your staff trained on the most effective use of their applications? We offer customized training, for large classes with a projector and one-on-one. Ask us how?

FREE book Tech-Knowledgy, written by Daniel (the owner), for every new customer, included with any service. This book helps people save time & money before buying anything or hiring a technician to do any repairs by leveling the playing field.

Although our priority is on business critical computers, we provide the same quality service for residential personal computers. We understand there are many cases where a computer is used for both personal and business at the same time, so we treat all as critical computers that need to be repaired quickly, properly, at a reasonable price, with precautions to not lose any data. With Twinbytes you are guaranteed not to lose any data, and we keep open communication with you to ensure best results.

Disaster planning is not something everyone thinks about. Many people don't even do backups regularly, if at all. The thing is, if you are in business, you need to backup your data regularly, without question. But don't stop there. you need a complete disaster recovery plan in place. What if you had a fire, theft or flood. You would have to rebuild everything. Even if just one computer goes down, which it will eventually. It's not if it happens, it's when it happens, do you know all the programs being used on that computer? Do you know all the passwords and special configuration settings to get it up and running again quickly? If involves your network, as a whole, there's a lot more to figure out, and when you're under that kind of stress as a surprise, you will not be thinking clearly and need a plan in writing on how to get up and running again quickly. Ask us for more information on disaster plans and how it can help you.

Our goal is to answer every phone call and email within 30 minutes. Also, We try to have someone in the shop at all times. This allows the most flexibility for customers to come drop off and pickup their computers for those serviced in our shop. Since you don't get to choose when your computer crashes, we offer late evening and weekend repair as well as emergency repair services.

We can relate to how critical it is to have your computers working reliable and not be without them for long. We also rely on computers to run our business and use in our personal lives. For this reason, we strive to have the fastest turn around time of all our competition, and still be competitively priced.

Don't just trust the information on this website, come into our office or invite us to yours, meet us in person and get a feeling of comfort in who you're dealing with before making any decisions. It's good to know we're a good fit for each other.  Also, check out our testimonials page. It also helps that we were voted best computer repair in Markham by Economist and Sun readers in 2009, 2011, 2014 & 2016.

We save our clients money and time by showing them faster, more efficient ways of doing what they are already doing. We save you money by introducing you to new software alternatives that are legally free for both business and personal use such as Libre Office. We save you time and become more productive by recommending products and services that will automate your business more.

You are getting over 20 years experience, including over a decade of TwinBytes existence; with Microsoft certified, A+ certified professional advice, computer repair service and troubleshooting skills. Call us for a consultation or swing by our Markham office for a short chat to see why we were voted #1 Computer Repair in Markham four times and if we're a good fit for you.

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